This coffee is a specialty coffee that represents the best quality coffee from India. The beans are very large, uniform blush green in colour with a clean polished appearance. In cup, the coffee exhibits full aroma, medium to good body, good acidity and fine flavour with a hint of spice.


This Arabica Plantation Coffee (Washed coffee) grown in Karnataka State .


Type ::

Arabica Plantation (Washed Coffee).


Region of Growth ::

Shall be prepared from Plantation A coffee of Mysore, Coorg, Bababudan, Biligiris and Shevaroys.


Sieve Standard ::

Minimum 90% retention on a sieve with round holes of 7.50mm (Screen 19). 100% retention on a sieve with round holes of 6.65mm (Screen 17). The 10% beans passing through the sieve of 7.50 mm and standing on the sieve of 6.65mm shall be whole beans.


Processing/Garbling Standard ::

Medium to well polished, Clean garbled.


Shall be free from :: :

PB, Brokens (inclusive of Traiage and Elephant beans) or any extraneous matter.

Defectives including bleached and spongy beans, blacks, browns, insect damaged beans, fungal damaged beans and pulper cuts.