This coffee is a Specialty coffee that represents the best quality coffee from India. The beans are very large, uniform blush green in colour with a clean polished appearance. In cup, the coffee exhibits full aroma, medium to good body, good acidity and fine flavour with a hint of spice.


This Arabica Plantation Coffee (Washed coffee) grown in Jumboor Estate in the Kodagu District (Coorg) of Karnataka State .


Jumboor Estate, belongs to Tata Coffee Limited located in the wooded highlands of northern Coorg, exudes a rare natural beauty. Lying on the eastern face of a range clothed in luxuriant tree cover, the estate is planted with Arabicas of the S.795 and HDT x Catui varieties, on an area of 370 hectares.


Arabica fruits of the S.795 variety are selectively hand picked at full maturity, and processed in several steps. The cherries are pulped, dry fermented for 12 hours, mechanically washed and soaked under water. The parchments are once again washed manually, using pure mountain spring water to create the unique coffees, for which Jumboor has been renowned, for over a century


Expert hands carefully sun dry the beans on concrete drying yards, to achieve a slow and controlled drying.


These efforts result in a coffee that has a medium acidity, intense flavour and chocolaty notes, a hallmark of Jumboor washed Arabicas.


Jumboor MNEB was adjudged the 'Finest Specialty Coffee of India', at the India International Coffee Festival 2002.



Sieve standard


Minimum 90% by weight retention on a sieve with round holes of 6.65 mm (Screen 17). Not more than 1.5 % by weight shall pass through a sieve with round holes of 6.00 mm (screen 15)..


Garbling Status


Clean garbled.




2% by weight.




3% by weight.