Royalty speaks for itself. The sheer grace and character stun the observe and make him say - 'it's all in the genes!'


Indian specialty coffee has an equivalent in its fold - Robasta Kaapi Royale.


Simply put, it is washed Robusta coffee. But the specific geographic orgin, coupled with a salubrious climate, makes the coffee a class apart. The bold, King-size, green beans stand out for their sheer beauty and majesty.


Prepared from Robusta oarchment AB coffee of Mysore, Coorg, Malabar, Wynad, Shevaroys, Pulneys and Baba Budan - the most fertile and ideal locations for coffee growing - the coffee lives upto its ethnic background.


The beans are healthy and robust, free from PB, brokens and defectives - with 90% retention on a sieve with round holes of 6.7 mm and 100% retention on a sieve with round holes of 6.00 mm. Moisture standards fall in the range of 9-10.5%.


The cup is sure to bowl you over. A soft, full-bodied, neutral cup; with a clinching flavour and aroma and a pleasant aftertaste - traits seldom associated with conventional Robustas.


But then that's what royality is all about... way above the crowd.